1. Asian tsunami- arugula, white rice, edamame, wasabi peas, cucumbers, fresh tuna, spicy Mayo, sushi sauce, fried onions $17.95 

  2. “The big salad” Romaine and spring mix, chicken , corn, black olives, cucumbers, bacon, pickles, broccoli, cheddar cheese with ranch dressing mixed with blue cheese $16.95$ 

  3. Cesar salad- Romain Parmesan cheese croutons Caesar dressing and grilled chicken $15.95 

  4. Garden salad - Spring mix, Broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons with grilled chicken and lemon vinaigrette dressing $16.95

  5. “ New Yorker ” Romaine, chicken, bacon, cucumbers, cheddar, black olives, carrots, with croutons and ranch $16.95

  6. “The Bill” White rice, Raw tuna Edamame Cucumbers Seaweed salad Banana peppers Wasabi shoyu Fried onions $16.95